Spore Creature Creator Update 1.01

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Spore Creature Creator Update 1.01

Mesazh nga Emir prej Mon Oct 20, 2008 6:02 am

- Improved thumbnail resolutions for saved creatures.
- Added five new animations, recorded when creating
animated GIFs in Test Drive Mode. Read More..

- Fixed a randomly occurring system hang.
- Fixed a crash associated with EADM.
- Creatures no longer disappear from the Sporepedia when
the save flow is interrupted.
- Corrected the Audio buzzing found on systems with
nForce2 integrated audio.
- Updated Spanish and Polish readme files.
- Updated the EULA found in the installer.
- Fixed disparity between server and game complexity
- Integrated the newest save creature PNG.
NOTE: This allows creatures PNGs made with Spore to be
drag-and-dropped into the Spore Creature Creator. Spore
Creature Creator players who do not patch will not be able
to drag-and-drop PNGs created in patched versions of the
Spore Creature Creator or Spore.
- Improves overall stability.





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