Tribes: Vengeance

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Tribes: Vengeance

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Quote: TITLE: Tribes: Vengeance
GENRE: Action
DEVELOPER: Irrational Games
US PUBLISHER: Vivendi Games
UK PUBLISHER: Vivendi Games

The Empire and the Tribes have been split asunder. They fight as much over land and resources as they fight for revenge - the endless war has begun. But when a war spans generations, it becomes a

mother's quest to discover the truth about the conflict, and a daughter's duty to break free from the cycle of vengeance.

In Tribes: Vengeance, gamers become immersed in a roiling space opera. Throughout the game, the player catches glimpses of the other stories that are unfolding behind-the-scenes and is given the

opportunity to experience the full scope of the single-player story through multiple viewpoints and characters. Powered by the Unreal engine, the world is brought to life with characters that have

facial expressions and fully-realized personalities, vehicles that kick up dust as they pass by, and weapons that display spectacular effects.

* The first ever Tribes single-player experience. Play as multiple characters across two generations of a family at war.
* Physics and movement system seamlessly integrates jet-packing, running, skiing and piloting into one dynamic experience.
* New weapons and vehicles add to the classic Tribes arsenal and guarantee a fight like no other.
* Powered by an enhanced Unreal TM Engine, stunning all-new visuals take you into a never-before-seen chapter of Tribes history.
* Battle in vast locations, from underground caverns to the ruins of forgotten cities, from acid wastelands to the mighty Coliseums.
* Fight with up to 32 players online.

22x100= 2.2 GB





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