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American McGee's Alice

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American McGee’s Alice adds a thrilling and distinctive chapter to the classic Lewis Carroll fantasy, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In this unique adaptation, players take on the role of a wiser, more resourceful Alice as she tries to free Wonderland from the domination of the deranged Queen of Hearts. Only Alice is skilled enough to overcome the capricious challenges of the Queen’s sinister and demented Wonderland. P.O.V. category veteran American McGee is the creative force behind this 3rd-person 3-D action game. His Alice will expose an array of nasty toys, vicious creatures, horrifying settings, compelling gameplay, devious puzzles and numerous strangely familiar locations. Players will explore more than 15 levels of the game. Each will teem with ambient life and surreal effects. Based in part on the nearly limitless potential of the classic Wonderland environments, each level will have a distinctive feel and flow. McGee and his development partner, Rogue Entertainment, have created a world of vivid interactivity, paying particular attention to those details of character and location that allow for the widest range of situations and conundrums in which to place the player. As Alice moves through Wonderland she will be able to leap off ledges, walk on walls, jump gracefully and work through a list of exotic specialty moves based on environments or locations. Alice will also encounter areas of Wonderland where she’ll tower over objects and creatures, and conversely, where she is but a speck on the landscape. There will be over 30 active characters in American McGee’s Alice. The enigmatic Cheshire Cat will be Alice’s confidant and guide through Wonderland. A demented Mad Hatter, astute Caterpillar and the hostile and abusive Tweedledee and Tweedledum are a sampling of traditional characters Alice will interact with. McGee will also introduce some new denizens that will range from the amusing to the bizarre. Alice’s creatures will not only be intelligent, but also cunning and agile. Each character will act, react and interact as realistically as possible and feature a large and diverse number of death animations including burning, crushing, drowning, freezing and vaporizing. American McGee’s Alice is being built on the incomparable Quake III Arena engine to achieve excellence in overall design and performance. Key Features More than 15 challenging levels. Over 30 active characters. Beautifully rendered 3-D environments, including the intimidating and deadly Fortress of Doors. A unique collection of effective weapons. The Jack’s O’Death, Demon Dice, Jack (in the Box) Bombs, Jabberwocky Eye Staff and Ice Wand are as fun as they are lethal. Even her playing cards are deadly: like flying razors, they cut, slice and dice. For variety, Alice also uses some traditional weapons. 3-D Surround Sound. Professionally composed musical score. Superior sound effects. Specialized particle system for fire, smoke, fog, explosions, rain and snow.

System Requirements
--Windows 95, 98, or ME(It also works on XP. Not sure if it works on Vista or not and the box says Windows 2000 and NT aren't supported)
--CPU Type & Speed: 400 MHz AMD K6-2 or Intel Pentium II Processor
--Memory: 64 MB RAM or higher
--CD-ROM Speed: 4x CD-ROM/DVD ROM Drive or higher
--Hard Drive Space: 580 Free (Plus additional space for save files and DirectX Installation)
--Graphics Card: 16 MB OpenGL Capable video card with DirectX 7 compatible driver
--Other needs: DirectX 7 compatible sound card, Keyboard, Mouse

CD 1
6 x 100MB + 1 x 22,5MB
CD 2
1 x 100MB + 1 x 89,4MB

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