Saints Row 2 Razor1911

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Saints Row 2 Razor1911

Mesazh nga Fikret prej Thu Jan 29, 2009 11:12 pm

Saints Row 2 brings true freedom to open-world gaming. Players can play as who they want, how they want, and with whomever they want in this sequel to the much acclaimed and tremendously successful Saints Row. Set years after the original, the player finds himself in a Stilwater both familiar and strange and challenged with bringing the Saints back as the rightful kings of Stilwater and bringing vengeance to those who wronged him.

Install Notes
1. Extract RARs
2. Mount or Burn iso
3. Install using rzrsetup.exe on the disc, or run autorun
4. Copy Crack from the razor1911 dir over the installed files

Due to the nature of steam, we had to create a new installer ourselves.

If you feel unhappy with this, buy the game and enjoy installing steam as
an additional bonus!

Also note that the installation is roughly 11Gb, and you wont see a
progressbar during it. Check the installation path if you are worried
nothing is happening Wink

Razor 1911 Greetings
To the honorable competition.

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