Tex Murphy 3: Under a Killing Moon

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Tex Murphy 3: Under a Killing Moon

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In Under a Killing Moon you play as Tex Murphy, Private Investigator. Tex has hit rock bottom. Recently divorced from his wife Sylvia, out of work, low on cash, and living in a rundown part of Old San Francisco, Tex realizes that he has to get his act together. Tex sets out to hunt for work. He finds it quickly once he discovers that the pawnshop across the street from his apartment has been robbed. Tex solves the case in no time flat, and feels his luck has begun to change. Then a mysterious woman calling herself Countess Renier, having heard good things about Tex, hires him to find her missing statuette. Everything seems great at first. The Countess is promising to pay Tex more money than he's seen in his life. But everything quickly goes downhill when Tex finds himself unwittingly involved in the affairs of a dangerous cult. Under a Killing Moon has many unique characters, and stars several well-known actors such as Brian Keith (The Parent Trap), Margot Kidder (Superman), Russel Means (The Last of the Mohicans), and the voice of James Earl Jones (Star Wars, The Lion King).Like all Tex Murphy games, Under a Killing Moon takes place in post-World War III San Francisco. After the devestating events of WWIII, many major cities have been rebuilt (as is the case with New San Francisco), though certain areas still remain as they were before the war (as in Old San Francisco). WWIII also left another mark on the world: the formation of two classes of citizens. Specifically, the Mutants and the Norms. Tensions between the two groups have risen dramatically since the end of the war, and Norms and Mutants usually do not get along. The Mutants are usually forced to live in the run-down areas of cities such as Old San Francisco. Tex lives on Chandler Ave. in Old San Francisco. All his friends are Mutants, though he himself is a Norm. Under a Killing Moon takes place in December 2042.

Note: This game is 4 CD's in length and is 2.4 gig in size.



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